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Patent Law Update for Companies, Investors and Technology Transfer Offices

Meeting Room 1 J/K December 7, 2016 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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S. Peter Ludwig
Robert Sullivan
Timo Faltus, PhD

Presented by the Legal Forum for Regenerative Medicine.

Robert Sullivan

Eligibility for Patents on Diagnostics and Biotech Inventions – Where do we go from here?

Court decisions over the last few years have invalidated many U.S. patents on diagnostic methods, genes and naturally derived products as claiming ineligible subject matter – a brief review of the case law and Patent Office guidelines, and some tips on what to do now.

Dr.  Timo Faltus

The Connection of Patents and Therapy Access in the EU

The presentation will illustrate the patent situation for stem cell related inventions within the EU and highlight the complex relation of the missing patent eligibility for inventions based on human embryonic stem cells and the uncertainties regarding market access for therapies based on human embryonic stem cells

Peter Ludwig

A Short Guide to IP Legal Documents, Terms and Agreements, or “I’ve signed one of these before but didn’t really understand what it meant”!

A brief review of legal documents, terminology and agreements customarily encountered in conjunction with inventions and patenting.