2010 Expert Luncheons

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TABLE 1 “Use of Stem Cells in Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing – What are the challenges?”
Jeff Till, PhD, Millipore (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 2 “Large Scale Stem Cell Production – What are the challenges? What technologies are lacking?”
                        Bob Shaw, Millipore (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 3 “Stem Cell Process Development for Clinical Manufacturing – What are the challenges? What technologies are lacking?”
                        Mr. Jeff Lehr, Millipore (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 4 “Stem Cell Characterization – What are the most important characteristics/markers to monitor for stability and how?”
                        Debra Hoover, PhD, Millipore (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 5 “Stem Cell Quality Assurance – Avoiding Early Stage Pitfalls”
                        Rob Herrera, Cell Line Genetics (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 6 “Demystifying Intellectual Property for Companies and Tech Transfer Offices”
                        Nicholas A. Zachariades, PhD, Novac Druce + Quigg LLP (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 7 “Therapeutic Potential of Autologous Pluripotent Adult Stem Cell Therapy”
                        Alan G. Harris, MD, PhD, Neostem, Inc. (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 8 “Education and Outreach-Opportunities and Best Practices”
                        L. Tony Beck, PHD, National Institutes of Health
TABLE 9 “Use of Stem Cell-derived Products in Cancer Treatments”
                        Jun Yoon, Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc. (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 10 “Commercialization of a Regenerative Medicine Product” or “Evolution of a Regenerative Medicine Franchise”
                        Theresa K. Dixon, Advanced BioHealing, Inc. (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 11 “Morality of Embryo Use in Scientific Research”
                        Louis M. Guenin, JD, Harvard Medical School (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 12 “Optimizing, Automating and Standardizing Cell Therapy Research Workflows”
                       Brad Calvin,Beckman Coulter (Cabot Ballroom)
 TABLE 13 “Everything You Need to Know About the Case Sherley v. Sebelius”
                        Neal Goldfarb, JD, Butzel, Long, Tighey and Patton (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 14 “Aging Versus Age-Related Disease: Can Bureaucracy Better Reflect Biology” 
                        Huber Warner, PhD, University of Minnesota (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 15 “Cell therapy technologies in clinical studies in Israel”
Avi Treves, PhD, Sheba Medical Center (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 16 “Synthetic Surface for Stem Cell Culture”
                        Jeff Mooney, Ph.D., Corning Life Sciences (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 17 “Asia Outlooks: The Climate for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine in China and India”
                        Abner M. Mhashilkar, PhD,International Venture Consultant (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 18 “Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Injury- A Patient-Advocate’s Perspective”
                        Ben Kaplan, Knowledge & Media Consultant (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 19 ”The Global Outlook for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells-Patent, Regulatory and Statutory Considerations”
                        Matthew Vincent, Advanced Cell Technologies (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 20 “How to Build and Maintain a Successful Statewide Stem Cell Advocacy Organization”
                        Victoria Kohout, The Nebraska Coalition for Life Saving Cures (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 21 “The Role of Students in Support of Stem Cell Research”
                        Joe Riggs, PhD Candidate, President, Student Society for Stem Cell Research (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 22 “Alliance for Regenerative (ARM): Washington Round-Up”
                        Morrie Ruffin, Adjuvant Global Advisors, LLC (Cabot Ballroom)
TABLE 23 “Regenerative Medicine for Aging: A Complex But Realistic Challenge”
                        Aubrey De Grey, PhD, SENS Foundation (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 24 “Stem Cell Research Down Under: Perspectives from the Australian Stem Cell Centre”
                        Megan Munsie, PhD and Rebecca Skinner, Australia Stem Cell Centre (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 25 Developing Grassroots Stem Cell Education Initiatives”
                        Paul Andrew Cassar,PhD Candidate, University of Toronto (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 26 “Defining Pluripotency with Multiplex Gene Expression”
                        Kathryn Sciabica, Ph.D, Beckman Coulter (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 27 “Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) Lunch Discussion”
                        Melinda Abelman, M.Sc.,Partners HealthCare System (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 28 “Product Development of Autologous Cell Therapies”
                        Frank Zeigler, Aastrom Biosciences, Inc. (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 29 “Advanced Cell Technology Update-hESC, Autologous and iPS Product Development”
                        Matthew Vincent, Advanced Cell Technologies (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 30 “Transitioning from Student to Biotech Professional”
                        Erin Borchardt and Jared Finger, Cell Line Genetics (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 31`Challenges in the Scale Up and Manufacturing of Stem Cells for Allogeneic Therapies
                        Miguel Carrion, PhD, Lonza (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 32 “A Discussion on Blood Stem Cells”
                        Dan S. Kaufman, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 33 “Cell Sorting Strategies in Stem Cell Research”
                        Dirk Winnemoeller, Miltenyi Biotech (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 34 “Characterizing Embryoid Bodies with the Coulter Principle”
                        Jim Fete and Venky Chellappa, Beckman Coulter (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 35 “Building an Integrated Business Model”
                        Dawn Driscoll, PhD, MBA, DCi Biotech (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 36 “The Future of Regenerative Medicine: Where Will RM be in 2020? 2030? How Should That Impact Us NOW?
                        Buckler, BEd, LLB, Cell Therapy Group (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 37 “Establishing Effective Strategic Partnerships Between Pharma and Cell Therapy Startups”
                        Scott Burger, MD, Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy, LLC (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 38 “Systematising the Differentiation of ES and iPS Cells”
                        Mike West, PhD, BioTime, Inc.  (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 39Biomedical Research: What Works with Congress?”
                        Dan Perry, Alliance for Aging Research (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 40 “Emerging Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Companies: Hurdles and Opportunities”
                        Michael Long, Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 41 “Finding Insurance Solutions for Cell Therapies”
                        Amnon Pelz, Taburit (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 42 “The Role of Advocates in 2010 and Beyond”
                        Sheri Mark, RN, JD, Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 43 “Internationalization of Stem Cell Development”
Brian Lundstorm, International Stem Cell Corporation (Cartier Ballroom)
TABLE 44 “Support for Stem Cell Advocacy Foundations”
                        Sabrina Cohen, Sabrina Cohen Foundation for Stem Cell Research (Cartier Ballroom)